From Al Muqtadir Jewellery Thrissur

Ar Rahim Gold And Diamond Wholesale Jewellery is a branch of Al Muqtadir Gold And Diamond Manufacturing and Wholesale Jewellery Group. It is managed and led by our visionary founder, CEO, and chairman, Dr. Mohammed Manzoor Abdul Salam, and boasts one of the largest gold manufacturing and wholesale outlets with over 20,000 sqft.” 

Dr Mohammed Manzoor Abdul Salam

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Our Mission

Over 15 Years of Dealing with Customers in the Gold and Diamond wholesale and retail Industry and has travelled all over the world to find the best jewellery to meet your demands. 

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Allah has many different descriptions and it is hard to represent him in a few words, so the Qur’an teaches that Allah has 99 names.Each of the 99 names relates to a particular attribute of Allah, making him easier to understand and relate to. Al Muqtadir Group dreams to start 99 stores all dedicated to Allah. We now have 30 stores under our Gods name, InshaAllah new stores will follow.

Founders words –

“Giving the people what they want has always been my dream I travelled all of the worlds gold destinations and have found the purest and quality material just for you. I started this company in the view to make available great service to all our dear customer even at the comfort of the home (through our online store)  .100% purity is our word, you can rest assured you are in safe hands as all our jewellery are BIS Hallmarked.”